*New opening hours!*


We are open 9am - 11am & 3pm - 5pm everyday (except we are closed on holidays)


We offer boarding for dogs, cats, small animals aswell as canine hydrotherapy and grooming.

 Find us on facebook here or by searching for Hobland Pet Hotel

Kennels charges per day (per dog)


Small Dog (e.g. Yorkshire Terrier)      £15.60


Medium Dog (e.g. Spaniel)                 £16.45


Large Dog (e.g. Labrador)                     £17.30


Giant Dog (e.g. Great Dane)                 £18.20

Cattery charges per day (per chalet)


1 Cat per Chalet                          £9.90


2 Cats per Chalet                       £16.84


3 Cats per Chalet                       £20.64

From January 1st we will require all customers to bring their own food. Please bring a few extra meals incase you are delayed picking up. Food can be pre-bagged or not but please bring their measuring cup if they have a specific amount each meal. Any questions just give us a call.


Minimum charge of £20 applies for dog and £15 for cats


All prices include insurance, heating & VAT

All prices are per day and part there of.

Discounts are available for two or more dogs sharing.


All bookings require a 50% deposit

The deposit is not refundable but if the booking is cancelled with more than 2 weeks notice the deposit will become a credit on account and can be used for any future bookings.