Our Cattery can been seen from inside of our reception, built around an open courtyard to give us a view of all our furry guests and to give all of our furry guests a good view.


Each chalet has a raised penthouse sleeping area that is heated to a constant, comfortable level for your cat. On the ground floor your furry friend can sunbathe, enjoy a good scratch on their post or look out for their next cuddle.




We require all cats staying with us to be up to date with their annual booster and you must present their vaccination book when checking in.




If your cats live together at home they are welcome to go into a unit together, we can have up to 3 cats in one unit, or 6 cats in our double unit.




Each cat penthouse is heated to a comfortable temperature all year round. 




 Our Cattery is a secured area, if your cat is used to walking on a harness then you are welcome to bring it and we can walk your cat around our Cattery. For safety reason we will not walk a cat outside on our field as we never mix the cats and the dogs.




We aim to feed your cat as they are fed at home, you are welcome to bring their own food (which you will receive a discount for) or we stock some of the main food brands but please check that we stock the food that your cat eats. Typically we give out breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12pm, dinner at 5pm and late feeds at 8pm, of course depending on how many meals a day your cat has. Please discuss with us if your cat needs to be fed at different times.

Please note most cats have dry food down all day which we are more than happy to do and every cat has access to fresh water at all times.

We have a large freezer, a fridge and a microwave so we can accommodate most food requests.

You are also welcome to bring in any treats (for the staff aswell)!




Our staff are able to administer any medications that your cat requires, please bring them in to our reception when you are checking in.



Blankets, beds, bowls & toys

Please feel free to bring your cats own bed, bedding and toys.

We will put these straight into their chalet as soon as they arrive and they will stay in there until they leave (unless soiled, in which case they will be laundered quickly & a temporary replacement will be put in).

We will do our best to keep them clean and dry while they are with us but we cannot guarantee that so if you would like us to wash them then please make sure you let us know and we will wash them the night before you collect (at no extra charge).

Anything not supplied by you can be supplied by us, but please let us know if your pet is not allowed any specific bedding or toys.

We may remove any toys if they become damaged or a hazard to your cat but we will make sure they have something to play with while they are with us.

We kindly ask that you do not bring bowls (as we have plenty & don't want to lose or break yours), brushes (again we have a wide selection and don't want to lose yours) and beanbags (our drains don't like beanbags if they split!) if possible, but of course we can accommodate these if your cat insists.

We cannot accept responsibility for anything that is lost, damaged or eaten!


Vet visit/fees

Our charges include an insurance fee, which covers your cat for any injury or illness whilst they are with us (excluding pre-existing conditions) with a £50 excess payable. In the case that your cat needs to visit the vet we will always endeavour to use your regular vet and we will do our best to contact you or your designated contact person.



Agressive, Nervous, Injured, Disabled, ect?

Most of our staff have basic canine first aid training (which included feline), a wealth of experience and our own pets at home so we are well equiped to look after your cat, whatever it's special needs are, just inform us when making your booking or checking in.



Charges per day


1 Cat per Chalet                                   £9.00


2 Cats per Chalet                                £15.40


3 Cats per Chalet                                £19.20


All cat charges include VAT, heating and insurance


Please note all prices are per day and not per night


Discount for own food available!


All bookings require a 50% deposit

(refundable if the booking is cancelled before 2 weeks of the booking start date, otherwsie we will only refund what we can rebook).