Aggressive / Nervous / Injured / Disabled
We take animals of all temperaments, abilities and we don't judge! Please just let us know of any special requirements that your dog or cat has and we will accommodate them.
We require all animals to come in with their own food and some toys.
Please feel free to bring in any treats or bedding.
The only items we ask that you don't bring is bowls (we have plenty and we don't want to break or lose yours), brushes (same reason as bowls) or beanbags (incase they split).
Their toys, bedding, ect will remain in their Kennel/Chalet while they are with us, unless they are soiled or damaged. We will do our best to keep them clean and dry but please ask if you would like any bedding washed and dried the night before you collect (no charge).
We do not accept any responsibility for anything that is lost, damaged or eaten!
Our Cattery is located behind our reception, in a large courtyard. All cat chalets have an inside area which has two shelves, a heater, bedding, water and bowls for your cat and an outside area which is completely covered and includes a ramp, scratch post and litter tray. All chalets are cleaned daily, disinfected between cats and all litter trays are cleaned throughout the day as needed. Your cat will have access to their entire chalet, fresh drinking water and toys at all times, most cats will also have access to their biscuits at all times.
Day boards
We have no minimum limit on the number of days that you must board your pet with us. Day boards are charged at the usual daily rate but a £20 minimum charge applies for dogs and £15 for cats.
Deposit / Payment / Charges
For a list of our daily charges please see our Home page.
Charges are per day, not per night but you are able to collect and drop off during any of our opening hours, no appointment needed. Please discuss with us if you need to drop off or collect outside of our office hours.
A 50% deposit is required when all bookings are made to secure the date, if the booking is cancelled more than 2 weeks before the booking start date then the full amount paid will be credited to your account to use on future bookings, if cancelled within the two weeks then we will credit the days that we can rebook.
Payment in full is require before you can collect your pet. 
Exercise / Walks
Your dogs exercise will depend on their age, breed and what they are used to at home.
On a typical day, a typical dog will be exercised by a member of staff for approx 60 mins per day, this is made up of two sessions in one of our secure paddocks around 7am & 7pm and a walk around our lovely field during the middle of the day, they also have access to their outside run during the day for running/playing/sleeping at their leisure.
We aim to walk all dogs every day, but this may not be the case if there is extreme weather, but alternative exercise will always be given.
We will either walk your dog on their own harness or special lead, otherwise we will walk them on one of our slip leads.
Please let us know if they have any special requirements as we can adjust any of the above for any dog.
We aim to feed your pets the same they are fed at home, including the type of food, frequency, amount, ect.
We are no longer stocking any foods as there are too many popular brands so we ask all customers to bring their own food. Please bring a couple of extra meals incase you are delayed.
On a typical day we give out breakfast around 7am, lunch around 12pm, dinner around 5pm and late feeds around 8pm.
If you have more than one dog sharing a kennel then we will always sit with them or separate them while they eat unless you tell us otherwise.
We have purpose built kitchens in our Kennels and Cattery, both with fridges, freezers and microwaves.
Please just discuss any specific requirements with us and we will try to accommodate them.
You are welcome (encouraged) to bring in treats for your pets - and the staff too!
All animals have access to fresh drinking water at all times.
We ensure that our Kennels and Chalets are kept at a comfortable temperature for your pet all year round, depending on their breed and individual need.
Our Kennels all include a secure outside and inside area, your dog will always have access to their inside area but are typically shut in overnight. Our Kennels can all be individually heated, and we can heat the Kennel block as a whole. Please let us know if you dog is used to sleeping outside, otherwise we will assume they are accustomed to inside temperatures.
Our Cat Chalets all include a secure outside and inside area that your cat always has access to, the insides also include a specialised Cattery heater that we are able to turn on and off depeding on the temperature outside.
There is now no additional charge for heating at all.
We monitor all pets closely, constantly during their stay, if they become unwell we will try to contact you and/or take them to the vet. We will endeavour to take them to their regular vet but if that is not possible then we will take them to one of our vets (The Veterinary Hospital in Gorleston or Haven).
All dogs and cats in our care are covered by our insurance for any injuries or illness that occur while they are with us up to a maximum of £2,000 per pet. Pre-existing conditions are not covered and a £50 excess is payable by you.
There is no extra charge for this.
We have 5 Kennel blocks, of varying sizes and noise levels to accommodate your dog's needs. Each Kennel has an inside and an outside area that are cleaned several times a day and disinfected between dogs. Your dog will have bedding and water available to them at all times and they will have toys and treats available during the day as well as access to their outside run during the day.
Long term boarding
We consider bookings of 4 weeks or over to be long term, please discuss any long term booking requirements you may need. We may be able to offer a discount and you will be able to visit your pet if you are available during their stay.
Our staff are trained to administer all medication as prescribed. Please let us know your pets medication requirements and please bring all of their medication into our reception when you check in.
Opening hours
Please see our Contact us page for our opening hours.
Please discuss with us if you need to drop off or collect outside of our office hours.
Our services
We offer boarding for Dogs, Cats and small animals (except chickens). We also offer grooming and canine hydrotherapy.
Dogs from the same home can share a kennel if you want them to, or they can be separated but please let us know if you'd like them to be exercised together.
Cats from the same home can share a Cat Chalet if you want them to, we have a limit of 3 cats per chalet but can house up to 6 cats from the same house in a double unit.
Our Cattery and Kennels are completely separate so dogs and cats can't be housed together.
Small Animals
We can look after almost all small animals, reptiles, birds, rabbits,giant snails ect. We charge £4.50 per day per small animals and we require you to bring in their housing, bedding and food (we will top up any fresh food as and when needed). We aim to handle, clean and feed them as they are used to at home.
For the safety of your pet, we never socialise your pet with other pets that they do not know. We never socialise any animals with other species, except of course humans.
All Dogs and Cats must be up to date with their vaccinations, unless a vet has specified otherwise. You must present their vaccination booklet when checking in (unless we have seen it since it since the vaccinations were last done).
Kennel cough is not required but it is recommended, it is a live vaccine so we cannot take your dog within 10 days of having the Kennel Cough vaccine.
If you lose your vaccination booklet, please let us know and we will confirm the dates with your vet.

 You are welcome to come and view our Kennels and/or Cattery, no appointment needed. Please drop in any time between 9am-12pm or 3pm-6pm Monday to Saturday.