1. I agree to board my animal at Hobland Pet Hotel & Spa on the understanding that although every possible care and attention will be given, the Boarding Kennel and Cattery owner accepts no liability.

2. A current vaccination certificate will be presented to the Boarding Kennels and Cattery on admission and my animal will be fully vaccinated for the dates of boarding. Intranasal vaccination against "kennel cough" is recommended but not insisted upon but must not be given within 10 days of check in.

3. If my animal is not collected within 14 days of the date on which it is due to leave the Kennels and Cattery and no communication is received by the Kennels and Cattery from me, my authority is given to sell or otherwise dispose of the animal at the Kennel and Cattery owners discretion.

4. I will be charged for each day my animal is at the Kennels and Cattery, including the day of arrival and departure.

5. Should I decide to collect my animal before the agreed collection date I will be charged for the full term booked.

6. I agree that should my animal enter the Kennels and Cattery with an ongoing or recurring medical condition that requires veterinary treatment during boarding I will be liable for costs incurred and this will not be covered by the Kennels and Cattery Insurance.

7. All animals entering the Kennels and Cattery are insured for up to £2,000 with a £50 excess, any costs above this will be the responsibility of the owner.

8. Hobland Pet Hotel & Spa ltd reserves the right to use video footage and photographic stills taken.

9. I agree to pay, in full, on collection of my animal.

10. Hobland Pet Hotel & Spa ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and prices without prior notice.